Smoked Ham

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Smoked Ham

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Fully Cooked Smoked Ham – Our hams are noticeably lower in sodium.  Cook a bigger ham than you need so that you can enjoy ham sandwich leftovers all week!

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0.495 g boneless, 0.619 g boneless, 0.784 g boneless, 0.825 g boneless, 0.866 g boneless, 0.907 g boneless, 0.948 g boneless, 0.990 g boneless, 1.03 kg boneless, 1.07 kg boneless, 1.11 kg boneless, 1.15 kg boneless, 1.20 kg boneless, 1.24 kg boneless, 1.28 kg boneless, 1.40 kg boneless, 1.44 kg boneless, 1.48 kg boneless, 1.65 kg boneless, 1.73 kg boneless, 1.81 kg boneless, 2.06 kg boneless, 2.10 kg boneless

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