Smoked Ham

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Smoked Ham

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Fully Cooked Smoked Ham – Our hams are noticeably lower in sodium.  Cook a bigger ham than you need so that you can enjoy ham sandwich leftovers all week!

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Boneless 0.836 kg, Boneless 1.148 kg, Boneless 1.237 kg, Boneless 1.488 kg, Boneless 1.564 kg, Boneless 1.567 kg, Boneless 1.691 kg, Boneless 1.866 kg, Boneless 1.980 kg, Bone-in 1.93 kg, Bone-in 2.20 kg, Bone-in 2.30 kg, Bone-in 2.46 kg, Bone-in 2.66 kg, Bone-in 2.78 kg

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