Pork Spare Ribs

Pork Spare Ribs

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Oven, slow cooker or on the barbecue; pork spare ribs are so versatile they can be cooked either way. Don’t forget to remove the membrane this ensures fall-off-the-bone ribs! 


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487g, 562g, 582g, 600g, 637g, 675g, 712g, 750g, 787g, 825g, 862g, 900g, 937g, 975g, 1.01kg, 1.05kg, 1.09kg, 1.12kg, 1.16kg, 1.20kg, 1.24kg, 1.27kg, 1.31kg, 1.35kg, 1.39kg, 1.42kg, 1.46kg, 1.5kg, 1.54kg, 1.69kg, 1.76kg

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