Lamb Deposit

Lamb Deposit

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    Whole/Half Lamb – $8.00/lb


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    Description :

    Whole Lamb – $8.00/lb

    Our lamb meat is tender and juicy with a mild flavour.  Lambing season starts in March and the lambs spend the spring and summer rotating through our pastures.  Lamb will be ready in late summer of 2020, reserve yours by deposit now! 

    A whole lamb is approximately 50lbs hanging weight and will yield about 35lbs of product. The price does not include the slaughter, cut and wrap fee which is an additional $125.  Any specialty cuts or sausage will be charged extra accordingly.  

    A $100 deposit is required to reserve your whole lamb.

    *Whole lambs for 2020 are sold out.  We may be offering individual cuts for sale in the fall.  

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