Grass Fed Lamb

Our mixed flock of hair and wool sheep are raised and rotated on our pastures all spring and summer long.  Our main purpose for the sheep is to help eradicate an invasive weed we have in our area called Sulpher Cinquefoil.  The weed has taken over parts of our land and essentially decimates it.  Good news though, the sheep LOVE it! Because sheep are ruminants the seeds from the cinquefoil are not spread in their manure.  Rotating the flock through these sections that are weed heavy followed by a pass with our pigs, we have seen HUGE improvements on our pasture. A byproduct of this fantastic land improvement project is lamb!  Our lamb meat is tender and juicy with a mild flavour.  A whole lamb is approximately 50lbs hanging weight and will yield about 35lbs of product. The price does not include slaughter, cut and wrap which is an additional $125.  Any specialty cuts or sausage will be charged extra accordingly.  

Whole / Half Lamb $8.00/lb hanging weight.